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Purple Brooches In Bulk Wholesale Suppliers

Product ID:yinhe18032806
Size : 6.5*5.5cm
Description:Purple Brooches In Bulk Wholesale Suppliers

Purple Brooches In Bulk Wholesale Suppliers

We have our own fashion jewelry manufacture.So we have high quality and competitive price.This vintage rhinestone brooch is sparkling and shining.Bling simulated diamond brooches with beautiful simulated emerald.It's gorgeous,this is a best gift for ladies...Best Brooch wholesale Suppliers. 

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Brooch Measurements (Approx) :  6.5cm*5.5cm  weight : 15g

Brooch price : $1.5

Mini Order : 15

If you have any questions you can email us : guolijun@jewel.ac.Thanks for coming here.Wish you have a nice day.

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